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"...the reign of the Holy Spirit will be the reign of the free."
Giaocchino de Fiore, Twelfth Century
Vaticini del Vangelo
(Prophesies of the Eternal Gospels)

De Fiore's prophesies rest heavily upon earlier biblical and Sibylline Oracles of Greek and Roman legend. The Sibylline prophecies accurately predicted the rise of Christianity and the coming apocalypse. They were said to have derived from an even more ancient source, a prophetess from Babylon.

We live in the Adamic age, or Age of Adam, as we are descended from Adam and his wife Eve. The Adamic age is divided into three ages; the Antedeluvian Age, the Age of Noah, and the Age of the Trinity. The Age of the Trinity is also divided into three ages representing 6000 years from the time of Moses and through the present.

The Age of the Father is labeled the Old Testament Age beginning with Genesis. At this time the Father ruled supreme and alone and insisted on blind obedience inspired by fear. It was a time of slavery and traditions with Moses representative of the Father.

The Age of the Son is labeled the New Testament Age of Jesus, the Son of the Father. The Son brings faith and symbolism and breaks with tradition in favor of mutual love and brotherhood.

The Age of the Holy Spirit is the final age we are about to enter. It is the time of the Apocalypse, the great awakening of man to the truth. This awakening is characterized by the destruction of the old ways, for destruction is the first part of Creation. (The destruction of the Antedeluvian world was the Creation of the Age of Noah) This period will be further characterized by freedom, ressurection, meditation, and ultimately spiritual transcendance. All religions will merge into One and humankind will be cleansed with a flood of spiritual fire, love, and justice. Churches will vanish (I never knew you... Y,shua: see Prophesy) because religiousness will be expressed by direct experience with freedom being the highest spiritual value. There will be a shift away from hierarchy to experiential religion.

The beginning of these transformation will be found in the growing friendship between Russia and America.

Twelve centuries ago, while de Fiore was writing the above quote, the first Dalai Lama of Tibet predicted:

"When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the face of the Earth, and the Dharma will come to the land of the red men."

In the mid-twentieth century, Chinese troops began their systematic rape of Tibet. The fourteenth and last Dalai Lama and countless thousands of Tibetans have found themselves scattered like ants across the Earth during the era of aircraft and trains. Tibet will be no more. But the Dharma (Wheel of Truth) has no beginning or end. The Dharma will come to the land of the red men, America!

"...out of Russia comes the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath set its present monetary unit "In God We Trust". ...In the application of these principles, America may boast; but rather is that principle being forgotten when such is the case, and that is the sin of America."
Edgar Cayce

The cross-pollination of the two ideologies (anethema to the capitalists and totalitarians) could change the political/social structure of our entire civilization. Russia seems to be the land of destiny from Cayce and a whole slew of other seers. It was the first to revolt against capitalism and the first to revolt against communist dictatorship.The future is of a democratic communism rooted in the freedom and liberty of man as epitomized by America.

"...Just by [Russia] bringing freedom to their own people they will take the mask off America - its so called pseudo-democracy. For this new kind of war ... Who is more free? Who is more independent? Who respects the individual? ... Now this is going to be the real war."
Osho 1987

And so according to Cayce and other seers, Russia is tomorrow's great hope. But if this is true, then at least America is to be the nurturer of her transformation and friendly competitor for the respect and affections of man.

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