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Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge


THE FOLLOWING IS TO BE RECITED ON THE DAY OF THE MONTH (NEW MOON DAY).  The Osiris the scribe Ani,  whose word is truth,  in peace,  whose word is truth,  saith:   Ra ascendeth his throne on his horizon,  and the Company of his Gods follow in his train.   The God cometh forth from his hidden place,  [and] tchefau food falleth from the eastern horizon of heaven at the word of Nut.   They (the gods) rejoice over the paths of Ra,  the Great Ancestor [as] he journeyeth round about.   Therefore art thou exalted,  O Ra,  the dweller in thy Shrine.  Thou swallowest the winds,  thou drawest into thyself the north wind,  thou eatest up the flesh of thy seat on the day when thou breathest truth.   Thou dividest [it among] the gods who are [thy] followers.   [Thy] Boat saileth on travelling among the Great Gods at thy word.   Thou countest thy bones,  thou gatherest together thy members,  thou settest thy face towards Beautiful Amentet,  and thou comest there,  being made new every day.   Behold,  thou art that Image of Gold,  thou hast the unitings of the disks of the sky,  thou hast quakings,  thou goest round about,  and art made new each day.   Hail!   There is rejoicing in the horizon!   The gods who dwell in the sky descend the ropes [of thy Boat] when they see the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  they ascribe praise unto him as unto Ra.   The Osiris Ani is a Great Chief.   [He] seeketh the Urrt Crown.   His provisions are apportioned to him- the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   [His] fate is strong from the exalted body of the Aamu gods,  who are in the presence of Ra.   The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  is strong on the earth and in Khert-Neter.   O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  wake up,  and be strong like unto Ra every day.   The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  shall not tarry,  he shall not remain motionless in this land for ever.   Right well shall he see with his two eyes,  right well shall he hear with his two ears,  the things which are true,  the things which are true.   The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  is in Anu,  the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  is as Ra,  and he is exalted by reason of [his] oars among the Followers of Nu.   The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  cannot tell what he hath seen [or] narrate [what he hath heard] in the House of the God of Mysteries.   Hail!   Let there be shouts of acclamation of the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  the divine body of Ra in the Boat of Nu,  who beareth propitiatory offerings for the KA of the god of that which he loveth.   The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  in peace,  whose word is truth,  is like Horus,  the mighty one of transformations.

RUBRIC: This Chapter is to be recited over a boat seven cubits long,  made of green stone of the Tchatchau.   Make a heaven of stars,  and purify it and cleanse it with natron and incense.   Make then a figure of Ra upon a tablet of new stone in paint,  and set it in the bows of the boat.   Then make a figure of the deceased whom thou wilt make perfect, [and place it] in the boat.   Make it to sail in the Boat of Ra,  and Ra himself shall look upon it.   Do not these things in the presence of any one except thyself,  or thy father,  or thy son.   Then let them keep guard over their faces,  and they shall see the deceased in Khert-Neter in the form of a messenger of Ra.


[The Osiris the scribe Ani,  whose word is truth,  saith:]  Homage to thee,  O thou who dwellest in thy Boat.   Thou rollest on,  thou rollest on,  thou sendest forth light,  thou sendest forth light.   Thou decreest rejoicing for [every] man for millions of years unto those who love him.   Thou givest [thy] face to the Hememet spirits,  thou god Khepera who dwellest in thy Boat.   Thou hast overthrown the Fiend Aapep.   O ye Sons of Keb,  overthrow ye the enemies of the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  and the fiends of destruction who would destroy the Boat of Ra.   Horus hath cut off your heads in heaven.   Ye who were in the forms of geese,  your navel strings are on the earth.   The animals are set upon the earth..... in the form of fish.   Every male fiend and every female fiend shall be destroyed by the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   Whether the fiends descend from out of heaven,  or whether they come forth from the earth,  or whether they advance on the waters,  or whether they come from among the Star-gods,  Thoth,  [the son of Aner],  coming forth from Anerti shall hack them to pieces.   And the Osiris Ani shall make them silent and dumb.   And behold ye,  this god,  the mighty one of slaughters,  the terror of whom is most great,  shall wash himself clean in your blood,  and he shall bathe in your gore,  and ye shall be destroyed by the Osiris Ani in the Boat of his Lord Ra-Horus.   The heart of the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  shall live.   His mother Isis giveth birth to him, and Nephthys nurseth him, just as Isis gave birth to Horus,  and Nephthys nursed him.   [He] shall repulse the Smait fiends of Suti.   They shall see the Urrt Crown stablished upon his head,  and they shall fall down upon their faces [and worship him].   Behold,  O ye Spirit-souls,  and men,  and gods,  and ye dead,  when ye see the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  in the form of Horus,  and the favoured one of the Urrt Crown,  fall ye down upon your faces.   The word of the Osiris Ani is truth before his enemies in heaven above,  and on earth beneath,  and before the Tchatchau Chiefs of every god and of every goddess.

RUBRIC:  This Chapter shall be recited over a large hawk standing upright with the White Crown upon his head,  [and over figures of] Tem,  Shu,  Tefnut,  Keb,  Nut,  Osiris,  Isis,  [Suti] and Nephthys.   And they shall be painted in colour upon a new tablet,  which shall be placed in a boat,  together with a figure of the deceased.   Anoint them with heken oil,  and offer unto them burning incense,  and geese,  and joints of meat roasted.   It is an act of praise to Ra as he journeyeth in his boat,  and it will make a man to have his being with Ra,  and to travel with him wheresoever he goeth,  and it will most certainly cause the enemies of Ra to be slain.   And the Chapter of travelling shall be recited on the sixth day of the festival.


Osiris  unfettereth the storm-cloud in the body of heaven,  and is unfettered himself;  Horus is made strong happily each day.   He whose transformations are many hath had offerings made unto him at the moment,  and he hath made an end of the storm which is in the face of the Osiris,  Auf-ankh,  whose word is truth.   Verily,  he cometh,  and he is Ra in journeying,  and he is the four celestial gods in the heavens above.   The Osiris Auf-ankh,  whose word is truth,  cometh forth in his day,  and he embarketh among the tackle of the boat.

RUBRIC:  If this Chapter be known by the deceased he shall become a perfect Spirit-soul in Khert-Neter,  and he shall not die a second time,  and he shall eat his food side by side with Osiris.   If this Chapter be known by the deceased upon earth, he shall become like unto Thoth,  and he shall be adored by those who live.   He shall not fall headlong at the moment of the intensity of the royal flame of the goddess Bast,  and the Great Prince shall make him to advance happily.