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Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge


SPEECH OF ISIS  Isis saith:   I have come to be a protector unto thee.   I waft unto thee air for thy nostrils,  and the north wind which cometh forth from the god Tem unto thy nose.   I have made whole for thee thy windpipe.   I make thee to live like a god.   Thine enemies have fallen under thy feet.   I have made thy word to be true before Nut,  and thou art mighty before the gods.

SPEECH OF NEPHTHYS  Nephthys saith unto the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth:   I go round about thee to protect thee,  O brother Osiris.   I have come to be a protector unto thee.   [My strength shall be near thee,  my strength shall be near thee,  for ever.   Ra hath heard thy cry,  and the gods have made thy word to be truth.   Thou art raised up.   Thy word is truth in respect of what hath been done unto thee.   Ptah hath overthrown thy foes,  and thou art Horus,  the son of Hathor.]

SPEECH OF THE TET I have come quickly,  and I have driven back the footsteps of the god whose face is hidden.   I have illumined his sanctuary.   I stand near the god Tet on the day of repelling disaster.  I watch to protect thee,  O Osiris.

SPEECH OF KESTA  (Mesta).  I am Kesta,  thy son,  O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   I come to protect thee.   I will make thy house to flourish,  permanently,  even as Ptah hath commanded me,  and as Ra himself hath commanded.

SPEECH OF HAPI I am Hapi,  thy son,  O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   I come to protect thee.   I bind together thy head and the members of thy body.   I smite down for thee thine enemies under thee.   I give unto thee thy head for ever and for ever,  O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  whose word is truth in peace.

SPEECH OF TUAMUTEF Tuamutef saith:  I am thy son Horus,  who loveth thee.   I come to avenge thee,  O my father Osiris,  upon him that did evil unto thee.   I have set him under thy feet for ever and for ever,  permanently,  permanently,  O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  whose word is truth.

SPEECH OF QEBHSENUF Qebsenuf saith:  I am thy son,  O Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   I come to protect thee.   I have collected thy bones and I have gathered together thy members.  [I have brought thy heart,  and I have placed it upon its throne within thy body.  I make thy house to flourish after thee,  O thou who livest for ever.]

SPEECH OF THE FLAME. I protect thee with this flame.  I drive him [the foe] away from the valley of the tomb. I cast the sand about [thy feet]. I embrace the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace.

SPEECH OF THE FLAME. I come to hew in pieces. I have not been hewn in pieces,  and I will not permit thee to be hewn in pieces.   I come to do violence [to thy foe],  but I will not permit violence to be done unto thee.   I protect thee.

A SOUL SAITH: The Osiris Ani,  whose is truth,  praiseth Ra when he rolleth up into the sky in the eastern horizon of heaven.

A SOUL SAITH: The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  in peace in Khert-Neter,  praiseth Ra when he setteth in the western horizon of heaven,  [and saith],  "I am a perfect soul."

SPEECH OF ANI. The Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth,  saith:   I am a perfect soul dwelling in the divine egg of the Abtu Fish.  I am the Great Cat which dwelleth in the Seat of Truth,  wherein the god Shu riseth.

SPEECH OF THE USHABTI FIGURE [THE CHAPTER OF NOT DOING WORK IN KHERT-NETER]. Illumine the Osiris Ani,  whose word is truth.   Hail,  Shabti Figure!   If the Osiris Ani be decreed to do any of the work which is to be done in Khert-Neter,  let everything which standeth in the way be removed from him- whether it be to plough the fields,  or to fill the channels with water,  or to carry sand from [the East to the West].  The Shabti Figure replieth:   I will do it,  verily I am here [when] thou callest.

(From the Papyrus of Nu and the Papyrus of Nebseni)

The Speech of Anpu: Anubis the dweller in the mummy chamber,  Governor of the Divine House,  layeth his hands upon the lord of life,  the scribe,  the draughtsman of Ptah,  Nebseni,  the lord of fealty,  begotten of the scribe and mason Thena,  born of the lady of the house Mut-rest,  whose word is truth,  and devoting himself to him as his guardian,  saith:   Homage to thee,  thou happy one,  lord!   Thou seest the Utchat.  Ptah-Seker hath bound thee up.  Anpu hath exalted thee.   Shu hath raised thee up,  O Beautiful Face,  thou governor of eternity.  Thou hast thine eye,  O scribe Nebseni,  lord of fealty,  and it is beautiful.   Thy right eye is like the Sektet Boat,  thy left eye is like the Atet Boat.   Thine eyebrows are fair to see in the presence of the Company of the Gods.   Thy brow is under the protection of Anpu,  and thy head and face,  O beautiful one,  are before the holy Hawk.  Thy fingers have been stablished by thy scribe's craft in the presence of the Lord of Khemenu,  Thoth,  who hath bestowed upon thee the knowledge of the speech of the holy books.  Thy beard is beautiful in the sight of Ptah-Seker,  and thou,  O scribe Nebseni,  thou lord of fealty,  art beautiful before the Great Company of the Gods.  The Great God looketh upon thee,  and he leadeth thee along the path of happiness.  Sepulchral meals are bestowed upon thee,  and he overthroweth for thee thine enemies,  setting them under thy feet in the presence of the Great Company of the Gods who dwell in the House of the Great Aged One which is in Anu.