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Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge

Hail, saith Horus,  O Twenty-first pylon of the Still-Heart!   I have made the way.   I know thee.   I know thy name.   I know the name of the goddess who guardeth thee.   "Sword that smiteth at the utterance of its own name,  stinking face,  overthrower of him that approacheth her flame" is thy name.   Thou keepest the hidden things of the avenger of the god,  thou guardest them.   Amam is his name.  He maketh the ash trees (cedars) not to grow, and the shenu trees (acacias) not to blossom,  and preventeth copper from being found in the mountain.   The Tchatcha (Chiefs) of this Pylon are Seven Gods.   Tchen, or Anthch (At),  is the name of the one at the door.   Hetepmes is the name of another there.   Messep is the name of another there.   Utchara is the name of another there.   Beq is the name of another there.   Anp (Anubis) is the name of another there.   I have made the way.   I am Menu-Heru,  the avenger of his father,  the heir of his father Un-Nefer.   I have come.   I have given [offerings] to my father Osiris.   I have overthrown all his enemies.   I have come daily with the word of truth,  the lord of fealty,  in the house of my father Tem,  the Lord of Anu,  I,  the Osiris Auf-ankh,  whose word is truth in the southern heaven.   I have done what is right for him that made the right,  I have celebrated the Haker festival to the lord thereof.   I have acted as the leader of the festivals.   I have given cakes to the Lords of the Altar.   I have been the leader of the propitiatory offerings,  cakes,  ale,  oxen,  geese,  to my father Osiris Un-Nefer.   I am the protector of the Ba-soul,  I have made the Benu bird to appear [by my] words.   I have come daily into the house of the god to make offerings of incense.   I have come with the shenti tunic.   I have set the Neshem Boat afloat on the water.   I have made the word of Osiris Khenti Amenti to be truth before his enemies.   I have carried away in a boat all his enemies to the slaughter-house of the East,  and they shall never escape from the wardship of the god Keb who dwelleth therein.   I have made the Kefaiu gods of Ra to stand up,  I have made his word to be truth.   I have come as a scribe.   I have explained [the writings].   I have made the god to have power over his legs.   I have come into the house of him that is upon his mountain (Anubis).   I have seen the Chief of the Seh hall.   I have entered into Ra-stau.   I have made myself invisible.   I have found for myself the boundary.   I have approached Nerutef.   I have clothed the naked.   I have sailed up the river to Abydos.   I have performed the ceremonies of Hu and Sa.   I have entered the house of Astes.   I have made supplication to the Khati gods and to Sekhmet in the temple of Net (Neith),  or the Aged Ones.   I have entered Ra-stau.   I have made myself invisible.   I have found the frontier.   I have approached Nerutef.   I have clothed the naked.   I have sailed up the river to Abydos.   I have performed the ceremonies of Hu and Sa.   I have received.   I have risen like a king crowned.   I fill my seat on the throne in the place of my father,  the God Who was at the beginning.   I have praised the Meskhen of Ta-tchesert.   My mouth is full of Maat (Truth).   I have overwhelmed the Akhekhau serpents.   I have come into the Great House with [my] body in a flourishing condition.   I have caused myself to travel in the Boat of Hai.   The myrrh unguent of..... is in the hair of men (Rekhit).   I have entered into the House of Astes.   I have approached with worship the two Khati gods and Sekhmet,  who are in the temple of the Aged One [in Anu].

[And the god Osiris saith:]  "Thou hast come,  thou shalt be a favoured one in Tetu,  O Osiris Auf-ankh,  whose word is truth,  the son of the lady Shert-en-Menu,  whose word is truth."