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Hymn to Osiris
Hymn to Ra
Nekht, The Captain of Soldiers,The Royal Scribe, Singeth a Hymn of Praise to Ra
Hymn to Osiris, Un-Nefer
Coming Forth By Day
Making the Sahu to Enter the Tuat
Giving a Mouth to the Osiris Ani
Opening Up a Way Through the Amehet
The Prayer of Ani, The Speech of Thoth, Speech of the Dweller in the Embalmment Chamber(ANUBIS), Speech of the GODS, Speech of Horus to Osiris in Introducing Ani to Him, Speech of Ani, Description of the Beast AM-MIT
Coming Out From and Going Into the Glorious Khert-Neter
Coming Out From and Going Into the Glorious Khert-Neter (PART 2)
The Seven Arits
The Pylons of the House of Osiris
The Osiris Aufankh, Whose Word is Truth.
The Priests Anmutef And Sameref
The Judges In Anu
Opening The Mouth Of The Osiris Ani, Bringing Words Of Power To The Osiris Ani,
Maketh A Man To Remember His Name In Khert-Neter, Giving A Heart To The Osiris Ani In Khert-Neter

Not Letting The Heart Of The Osiris Be Driven Back From Him In Khert-Neter
Not Letting The Heart-Soul Of A Man Be Snatched Away From Him In Khert-Neter, Drinking Water In Khert-Neter,
Not Being Burnt Up By Fire, Not Being Boiled By Fire, Giving Air In Khert-Neter, Giving Air To Nu In Khert-Neter,
Snuffing The Air With Water In Khert-Neter, Not Letting The Heart Of A Man Be Snatched Away

Not Allowing The Heart To Be Carried Away Dead, Nnot Letting The Heart-Case Of A Man Be Taken Away,
Not Letting The Heart Of Nu Be Carried Away, Not Letting The Heart Of Nu Be Driven Away

Breathing The Air and Having Power over Water,Snuffing The Air, Not Dying a Second Time, Not Rotting, In Khert-Neter.
Not Letting the Body Perish
Not Perishing and Being Alive, Not Going Into The Block Of The God, Not Being Transported To The East, Not Letting The Head Of A Man Be Cut Off From His Body, Making The Soul To Be Joined To It's Body
Not Letting The Soul Of A Man Be Held Captive, Opening The Tomb To The Ba-Soul And The Shadow, And Coming Forth By Day, And Of Having Mastery Over The Two Legs
Lifting Up The Feet and Coming Forth On Earth, Forcing A Way Into Amentet and Coming Forth By Day, Forcing A Way Into The Tuat
Another Chapter Of The Tuat And Coming Forth By Day, And Living After Death, Forcing An Entrance Through The Aamhet, Making A Man To Return To Look Upon His House, Coming Forth Of A Man Against His Enemies
A Hymn Of Praise To Ra When He Riseth Upon The Horizon
The Solar Litany
A Hymn Of Praise To Ra When He Riseth In The Eastern Part Of Heaven, And The Osiris Ani
The Chapter Of The New Moon, A Hymn To Ra On New Moon Day
Advancing To The Tchatchau Chiefs
Making The Transformation Inot A Swallow, Making The Transformation Inot A Hawk Of Gold
Being Transformed Into The Prince Of The Tchatchau Chiefs, Transformation Into The Serpent Sata, Tranformation Into The Crocodile God, Transformation Into Ptah, Tranformation Into The Soul Of Tem
Transformation Into The Benu Bird, Into A Heron, Into The Lotus, Into The God Who Lighteneth The Darkness
The Chapter Of Not Dying A Second Time
Entering Into The Hall Of Maati, Nu, Keeper Of The Seal
The Negative Confession
The Heart Of Truth That Is Sinless
Deification Of The Members
Repulsing Slaughter In Hensu
A Tet Of Gold, A Tet Of Carnelian, A Heart Of Sehert Stone, The Head Rest or Pillow
The Text In The Funeral Chamber
The Chapters Of Sekhet-Hetepet and Of Coming Forth By Day
Providing The Deceased With Food, Milk, Etc., Seven Holy Cows, Four Rudders Of Heaven, Four Companies Of The Gods, Making Perfect The Khu, Hymn To Osiris Khenti-Amenti Un-Nefer
Sutimes, The Libationer, Praise Of Hathor, Lady Of Amentet, Four Torches